plasma winch rope

Plasma Winch Rope [Installation & Advantage]

A plasma winch rope is more resistant as its diameter increases, this means that a thicker plasma rope has more resistance and as a consequence, it will be able to drag more weight.

Mount a plasma rope on your SUV. Increase the performance of your winch thanks to the benefits and advantages it offers. The cable’s plasma elevates your winch to another level.

The synthetic winch rope is to raise the bar for your 4X4 accessory kit. Safer you and your off-roader thanks to the resistance of your new synthetic Kevlar winch rope.

Installation of a synthetic rope on a winch

Installing a plasma winch rope is easier than making a sailor’s knot. We explain the steps to follow so that you have no doubts.

Materials Needed to Install Synthetic Winch Rope

  • Plasma rope
  • Guidewire

Plasma Rope Installation Process

First, you need to know the items to install the cable successfully. The winch drum has a hole where the synthetic rope passes.

The Kevlar cable has a hook at one end and a lug on the other, this part is what you have to fix to the winch.

The rope lug is a reinforcement that has a synthetic rope to place a safety pin. This prevents the plasma rope from loosening from the winch drum.

  • Turn the winch until you have the hole of the drum insight, this is where you will anchor the synthetic rope.
  • Take the wire you are going to use as a guide and tie it to the lug of the cable.
  • Pass the guidewire through the roller guide and behind the drum of your device. Now pass the wire through the hole in the drum and wrap it with pliers, this is to allow you to pull it without an accident.
  • Pull the wire with the pliers, until you can pass the synthetic rope through the hole in the drum.
  • Remove the guidewire and place the safety pin on the cable lug.
  • Now, it only remains to wind the plasma rope for your 4X4 winch on the drum of the device. Now you will have the complete installation.
  • Remember, it is important that you wear gloves throughout the process, to avoid cuts and do it safely.
Plasma Rope Installation

What to consider when installing a plasma rope?

It is true that 4X4 plasma rope far outperforms traditional steel cable. But you must bear in mind that if you work on stony terrain or with obstacles, the rope can tear. For this, it is less effective than steel.

Now that you know the Achilles heel of the plasma cable, we are going to give you some tips, so you can take care of it and prevent it from tearing or breaking.

When tensioning the plasma rope of your winch, observe where it can rub against an obstacle and protect it.

Once tense, you can put a folded shirt or even a newspaper that no longer works. If you don’t have any of these on hand, you can surely find something suitable.

Protects the rope and prevents it from suffering against the edge of a stone.

Advantages of plasma rope for 4X4

4X4 plasma rope for winches has many advantages. Many professionals prefer to work with this type of synthetic rope, it is safer and more resistant than steel.

We are going to list the advantages, so you can see why this type of cable is the best for your winch:

  • Much lighter than steel cable, releasing up to 10kg of weight to the winch.
  • More flexible and easier to handle, increasing comfort when working with it.
  • It never rusts, this is a very good feature when you use it in humid areas.
  • Plasma ropes float, not sag like steel cables.
  • It has superior strength, bending to steel.
  • It does not twist, or suffer deformations that prevent it from being properly wound on the drum.
  • Very easy to replace and change it, in a few minutes you have your new kevlar cable on.
  • The 4X4 plasma rope is much safer if it breaks, it does not have a whip effect so it does not hit anything when it is broken.

Top 5 Plasma Winch Rope

Here are some of the best plasma rope for winches on the market:

1. FIERYRED Synthetic Winch Rope

FIERYRED Synthetic Winch Rope

2. OFF ROAD BOAR Winch Line Extension


3. ZESUPER Synthetic Winch Cable

ZESUPER Winch Rope

4. VEVOR Synthetic Winch Rope

VEVOR Synthetic Winch Rope

5. OKBA Winch Rope

OKBA Winch Rope

Final Opinion

Although there are still not many opinions that are registered by customers, those that are registered are all positive and this is due to the special characteristics of a plasma winch cable.

Besides being more resistant than steel ones, they are safer and more manageable. It is true that the price is somewhat higher but if you use your winch continuously you can get a lot out of a synthetic rope in your equipment.